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Database BackUp and Restore Script

For .Net developer a very common task is to take reguler backup and restore of SQL Server Database. Most of the time developer does that thru UI of Sql Server Management Studio. It is acully nice to know the Scripts which we can run and take backup and restore easily.

       To BackUp :-        
     BACKUP DATABASE [DatabaseName] TO DISK = 'C:\FileName.bak' WITH FORMAT
       To Restore :-
           RESTORE DATABASE [DatabaseName] FROM DISK = 'C:\FileName.bak'

Also when ever you do any database opration thru UI of Sql Server Management Studio you can always have look to the Script behind that opration. Its good practise to look at the script run by Sql Server to do any database realted opration.


vikram kumar said...

Insert into tablename(columnname)
select columnname from sourcetable

Rajah Mcguire said...

A database from more recent edition can not be renewed on newer version or SQL Hosting server.

link said...

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Wilhelm Duncan said...

It’s a nice tips for a newbie user, I think. Because after using it for couple month or so, you will be ***king expert in it. However, it is true that from begging you will fail a lot on the things as you wrote here. The same thing in study and review of can help you with that a bit.

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