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Remove Unused CSS from your page it can degrade your page performance.

Hello Viewers,

One of the common problem we all faces while ending the project is unused Css classes.

Because of this the performance of the page can be degrade. So the best practice is to find out Unused elements and classes from css.

This is really tedious task when you have very big applications. But you can use the tool called Dust-Me selectors , its ad-on for Firefox.

You can try it out



How To get Max value of column of Database table Using LINQ query in .net

Hello Viewers,

To get maximum value of database table column is very simple as just we have to write :-

Select Max( Percentage ) from StudentsResult

but in LINQ you need to write like

(from St in StudentsResult select (St. Percentage )).Max()  

in the same way we can use other aggregation function to do other operations using LINQ in our code behind


Disable Validation Control Using Javascript

We do use validation control lots of time to ensure correct entry being done User.

while using validation controls some times we require to enable or disable validation controls on certain condition of user inputs, for this scenario we can use JavaScript to enable or disable validation controls

Below is code example:-



Debug in ASP.NET application and in Sharepoint Custom WebParts

Many times it happen that we found difficulty to debug a very big application as it takes to long time to Compile and run the entire application.

Even case is worst when you have errors in other pages and you want to debug some other pages of your application.

In this case you can debug your application by following steps:-

Open Visual Studio with your website.
Go to Solution Explorer.
Go to page you want to debug.
Place necessary break points in coding part.
Right click on the page name in solution explorer and select View in Browser.

Now go to IDE.
Go to Tools menu Select Attach to Process.
Select both the check boxes as Bottom and find out W3WP process and click attach.
Now refresh the page.

In share point also same steps you need to follow to debug your custom web parts, Over here you will find Web part project instead of your web application. one other difference is you have to place DLL in GAC or in Root directory of your extended web application.

Click here to do some Sharepoint Yoga


Test Email functionality without SMTP Server Configuration

Often we arrives at situation where we need to test function which sends email and we need to set up SMTP service for that just to test that your application sends the e-mail without any errors.
However we have way to send e-mails without any SMTP server set up.
Just you need to configure your .net application to send email to specified folder instead of SMTP server.
Try to use code given below

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