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How to get Distinct Rows from DataSet / Datatable ?


So many times we come across a situation where we require to have distinct rows from dataset or from data table on basis of particular field. I saw many people are writing separate function and looping through the datatable to avoid the duplicates, although they have binded data to Dataset.

The way is to simple in .net but many people are unaware of that.

please have look to following Few simple line which take care of avoiding duplicate Rows.

First option in ToTable is a boolean which indicates, you want distinct rows or not?

Second option in the ToTable is the column name based on which we have to select distinct rows.




Add Meta data to picture while adding it in picture library in Moss


Very often we need to add Meta Data about picture adding it in to picture library like ( Description , Title , or ant custom column which we have added to picture library)

you can use HashTable to achieve this

below is code which is useful to do so.




How to find Content Query web part on SharePoint 2010


In SharePoint 2010 you can not find the "Content Query Web Part"  By default in the list.

if you need to add "Content Query Web Part"  you have to enable  the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature.

  • Login As Site Collection Administrator.
  • Go to the Top Level Site Collection settings.
  • click on [Site Collection Features] in the Site Collection Administration Menu 
  • Activate the [SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure Feature]

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