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Localization with ASP.NET MVC Model Metadata

ASP.NET MVC has default facility for DATA ANNOTATION to provide validation. If you want to set your validation message as localization means when culture change, your validation message text change as per culture. You can also change label text with the change of culture. Let’s see step by step.

Here, we set two culture conversion ENGLISH and GERMAN
1.    Add Resource.resx (For English ) and (For German)
--> Project properties Folder and AddNewItem Add Resource.resx (For English)
 --> Same as Add (For German)

--> Make sure to change the Access Modifier to Public (default is Internal)

2.    Install-Package ModelMetadataExtensions

3.    In model file sets error message and label

-->ErrorMessageResourceType sets type created by build provider. I added WebApplication.Properties.
-->ErrorMessageResourceName sets from resource file     
-->For display label sets label name from resource file.  
4.    Sets Global.asax file for URL routing.

5.    Sets controller like
 6.    When runs with English culture
7.    When runs with German culture

Happy programing friends. 

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