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Discoverd Benifits of Visual Studio 2010

Hello viewers listing some of the discovered benefits for Visual Studio 2010.

  1. MVC
  2. Integration with Jquery
  3. The incredible shrinking session state
  4. Extensible Request Validation
  5. Auto-Start Web Applications
  6. Performance monitoring for Individual applications in a single worker process
  7. Enhancement in Controls like List view, CheckboxList , RadiobuttonList , Menu control
  8. Chart Control
  9. New improved Microsoft Ajax Library
  10. Enabling view state for individual controls
  11. Web. Config File Modification
  12. Changes to browser capabilities
  13. Routing in 4
  14. Setting Client Ids
  15. Filtering data with the QueryExtender Control
  16. Project Template changes
  17. CSS improvements
  18. New field templates for URLs and Email Address
  19. Permanently redirecting a page
  20. Visual studio 2010 web designer Improvements
  21. Expanding the Range of allowable URLs
  22. Web application Deployment with Visual studio 2010

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